Developing fluency with basic facts requires attention to two primary factors - efficient ways of thinking about the facts and optimized use of practice. Efficient strategies for solving the facts, coupled with practice that minimizes errors, lead naturally to fluency. That's why we created ThinkFast! Students learn to think first...then ThinkFast!

ThinkFast! is designed to fit seamlessly into an RTI program or be used on a stand-alone basis to solve a pervasive problem for students with difficulties in math. It saves time and effort with built-in progress monitoring probes. It provides explicit strategy instruction which has been shown to be a very effective approach for at-risk students and students with disabilities.

ThinkFast! provides a fully automated program for implementing and managing an individualized program that enables all students to learn the basic facts - even those who've struggled for years. It's exceptionally easy to implement and requires no professional development, so it can be implemented quickly to start producing benefits right away. Most importantly, it will lead to rapid, sustainable gains.

ThinkFast! is web enabled so students can use it before, during or after school or at home - anywhere any time. Teachers can access student records at school or at home.

You can use our video player below to view samples of our instructional material.