Prescriptive Intervention
Solves the Hidden Problem in Math RTI

The Problem:

Every student has unique gaps

All intervention students have extensive gaps in knowledge that may extend many grades below their current grade level. This presents a difficult challenge because the gaps are different for each student. That means each student needs different support to succeed in math.

The reality is, however, that delivering a highly customized curriculum and learning process to meet the needs of every student, every day, is virtually impossible in a traditional classroom.

The Solution:

Precisely tailored instruction

iLearn Math is designed specifically to address the problem of gaps below grade level with an approach that delivers a more customized curriculum and support than small-group instruction but is less labor-intensive. It uses real-time management of the intervention process to produce greater gains in less time.

See the Problem.

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Solve the Problem.

iLearn Math: The Prescriptive Solution for Closing Gaps

Prescriptive Intervention

The iLearn Math solution is “prescriptive” because it precisely matches the content that each student learns to their unique needs, based on detailed diagnostic assessments.

It then uses embedded formative assessments to custom-tailor the delivery process to optimize progress for each student. All of this is done without requiring additional work by the teacher.

Real-time intervention

It’s referred to as “Real-time RTI” because it customizes every aspect of the intervention process on a real-time basis. Decisions are made on a minute by minute basis - in real time - not after a few weeks of monitoring, as is done with traditional RTI.

The result is that iLearn Math delivers a uniquely customized, prescriptive intervention for every student… every minute of every day. Thus, each student’s time is optimized for the maximum gain in the minimum time.

High Quality Instruction

The key to success is high quality instruction. Where other programs focus on practice only, iLearn requires that students begin with high-quality instruction before attempting practice.

The prescriptive design means each student receives instruction on just the topics they need to fill their unique gaps. It then requires mastery at multiple levels to ensure that students understand what they learn and are proficient in using what they’ve learned. See Samples.

Ease of Use

iLearn Math is designed to make it much easier for a teacher to implement math RTI on any scale while actually reducing the workload to manage the process. It automatically manages every aspect of the intervention process on a real-time basis.

This frees you from the mundane administrative tasks normally associated with RTI, and lets you focus entirely on high-quality one-on-one interactions with students that provide the kind of benefit only personal attention can deliver.

Extensive Reports

You’re supported by extensive online reports available on a real-time basis. They range from detailed, actionable information - on each student’s learning needs, performance, and progress - to summary reports on class, school-level, and district results and progress.

The result is that every student receives exactly what is needed to optimize their achievement growth – every minute of every day. This is done with unprecedented precision and fidelity, while making it even easier to manage the RTI process.

Positive Learning Support

One of the most important characteristics of iLearn Math is that it’s based on the use of what we call Positive Learning Support™.

Positive Learning Support™ is a collection of research-based features that have a big impact on student success, both in terms of accelerated achievement as well as in developing a “positive predisposition to math” (Kilpatrick, et. al, 2001).

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