Curriculum-Based Assessments and Measurement

Where are the Gaps? Below Grade Level.

Other assessment systems provide Screening and Progress Monitoring only at the student’s enrolled grade. But, that’s not where the real needs are. The gaps that matter most are the gaps below grade level. iLearn® is the only provider that gives you the power to screen and diagnose gaps at grade level and below, and track progress back to grade level on a real time basis.

Embedded Assessments

All of iLearn’s® instructional products include embedded Curriculum-Based Assessments.

  • Diagnostics to determine what each student needs to learn
  • Formative assessment to continuously monitor student learning
  • Summative assessment at the end of each Chapter and Unit to ensure each student has mastered the objectives

iKnow™ Assessment System

iKnow™ also gives you a separate assessment and measurement system built around four primary needs:

  • Diagnostic Assessment
  • Universal Screening
  • Benchmarking
  • Progress Monitoring

The tests have both validity and reliability established through systematic evaluations.

Convenient, Brief Administration

iKnow™ assessments are designed to be as brief as possible while still providing detailed information. Results are aligned to the appropriate standards (CCSS or TEKS) and to iLearn® learning support products.

Student-Generated Answers

Assessments are based on student-generated answers rather than multiple choice, and you can choose to include items with student explanations of answers.

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